marriage vows

Congratulations to you if you are planning to get married!
To get married at Holy Innocents you must live within the Parish or habitually attend the Church. There is a course of marriage preparation with one of the Clergy . This will begin with an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Later there is a careful consideration of the Marriage service and the vows you will make to one another. Then there will be a chance to plan the particulars of your own wedding day and shortly before the wedding itself there will be a rehearsal in Church.
The period of preparation takes at least four months and there are no circumstances under which weddings can be organised faster than this. Marriages are always conducted by the Clergy of the Parish, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.
If you are not a UK citizen you will need to apply for a Common License before your marriage can take place. The Clergy will be happy to advise you about how to do this.
If you are not a UK citizen and do not have leave to remain in the United Kingdom you will need to apply for a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate from the Registry Office in the local authority where you live before your marriage can take place. This is a legal document which establishes that you are free to marry.
In some circumstances the Church of England allows divorced people to marry again in Church. If you have been divorced and wish to marry again, please make an appointment to see Fr Ben, who will be very happy to talk things through with you.
There are various charges for the marriage service. Please ask Fr Ben for further details.

Have your banns read

If you are getting married in another Church but live in the Parish of Holy Innocents you may well need to arrange for us to read your Banns of Marriage. It is an easy thing to organise and we will be very pleased to help you.
Banns of Marriage are read at the end of the 10am Sunday Mass. They must be read on three consecutive Sundays at some point in the three month period immediately prior to your wedding. We can happily organise this to coincide with dates when you and your family or friends are able to attend.
Once the Banns have been read you will be given a certificate to that effect. You will need to post or give this certificate to the Priest who is going to officiate at your wedding.
The cost of reading the Banns and the certificate is £41.
To organise the reading of your Banns of Marriage please contact Fr Ben to arrange a time to meet.