The Sacrament of Baptism is what makes us members of the Church.

Baptisms at Holy Innocents always happen during the 10am Parish Mass on Sundays. You are welcome to have your child baptised at HI if you live in the parish or you usually come here to Church. Baptism dates must be agreed with the Clergy and it is nearly always possible to have that conversation after Mass on Sunday mornings. There is an application form to fill in and in the weeks before the Baptism Fr Ben  will meet you to talk you through the service.

When it comes to choosing Godparents you will need to make quite certain that potential Godparents have been baptised themselves.
We ask parents to come to Mass on the Sundays between the initial inquiry and the date of the Baptism itself and we hope you will enjoy being at Church and worship regularly with us in future.
There is no charge for Baptisms.
If you are an adult and thinking of being baptised yourself, please speak to Fr Ben. Adults are always baptised, confirmed and given their first Holy Communion by the Bishop at the annual Parish Confirmation Mass.