Haringey and Enfield Homeless Respite

Haringey and Enfield Homeless Respite helps people who are homeless as part of the all year round support service run by All People All Places (APAP).  The ultimate aim is to move people from homelessness to sustainable lives and accommodation.

Holy Innocents, along with 17 other churches of all denominations and a synagogue, work with local charity APAP to provide seasonal respite as part of a 2-borough circuit. The aim of the respite is to have a period of stability, provide a roof over people’s heads, a warm bed, and good food. This is whilst the charity provides a personalised service to help people move to sustainable lifestyles and accommodation.

During 2017-8, they helped 48 people and 35 of those had a positive move-on (73%). Holy Innocents played a part in providing respite for 28 of those.

Holy Innocents as part of that circuit, provides evening meal, bed and breakfast for one night of the week usually during December to March each year. People are referred into APAP who conduct a risk analysis and screen guests before they are accepted and welcomed into our church.

Holy Innocents is proud to be part of this homeless respite that focuses ultimately on alleviating the problem. We can only offer this respite because of the generous help and energy of so many people within and without our community. There are lots of church volunteers and volunteers from the local community who help each week with the running of the respite.

A community outreach project

Many people from Crouch End, Hornsey and the surrounding areas have taken part in volunteering during our night of the homeless respite. Teachers and parents from our local schools have also taken part in the project and have helped cook evening meals and breakfasts. Local schools have enjoyed bringing classes along to Holy Innocents during the daytime before we open our doors to the APAP guests, to learn about issues around homelessness and what happens at our overnight respite. School children have also taken part in setting up beds and tables in preparation (though only over 18’s can volunteer with guests in the evenings).

Local people have also been very generous in supporting the project financially. Moors Bar on Park Road have been hugely supportive in raising lots of money for the shelter with special fundraising concerts and film nights. Dunn’s Bakery on Crouch End Broadway, support Holy Innocents by giving delicious food to us every week, as well as sponsoring APAP directly.  We are very grateful to all who have helped in so many ways to help with this excellent work of providing respite to those who might otherwise have nowhere to sleep.

How can you help?

If you are interested in taking part in our night of respite during the three shifts – evening, overnight or morning, then please speak to our Pastoral Assistant. Each year, the Pastoral Assistant coordinates for Holy Innocents and they will give you more information. We are always looking for volunteers for those three shifts and if you are unable to help physically, financial support is much appreciated. Donations of toiletries for the guests are most welcome but we regret that we cannot accept donations of clothing or bedding at this time.

If you want to know more about the work of the charity All People All Places, please email info@allpeopleallplaces.org noting that emails are picked up constantly and enquiries usually receive a response by return, but certainly within 24 hours.


Email: holyinnocentshomelessrespite@gmail.com


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Holy Innocents working with All People All Places who help people to

Break the cycle of homelessness