We are open for private prayer

We’ll be open for private prayer from 12-1pm on weekends and 6-7pm weekdays. Come and visit the house of the Lord!

You can enter the building via the drive (not the steps). Walk round to the glass porch and enter the door there. There will be a maximum of 30 people allowed in church so there may be a queue from time to time and we would ask you to maintain two metres distance if you are waiting to enter.

Use hand sanitiser on entry and exit and sit only in the designated seats. Unfortunately you will not be able to light candles, although if Father Ben, is in the church, he can light a candle for you.

The toilets and the kitchen will be closed. 

The exit is via one way via the wooden door at the front left of the church next to the tower and down the steps onto the street. 

Please do not visit if you feel unwell in anyway or have COVID-19 symptoms to avoid putting others at risk. We can pray for you while you recover at home.

This short videos talks more about how to visit safely including how to enter and exit the church building. It’s well worth watching before you visit.