Confirmations – Sunday 27th May 2018

Sunday was a truly wonderful occasion with ten of our congregation, both adults and children, being confirmed by Bishop Rob Wickham.


Confirmation 4 Confirmation 5 Confirmation 3 Confirmation 2


Ascension – Thursday 10th May 2018

Please do join us for our 7.00pm mass celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven.

As this is an important feast in the Church’s calendar, the mass will be followed by fizz and refreshments.

Thy Kingdom Come – 10th to 20th May 2018

In 2016, Archbishop Justin Welby began an initiative encouraging people to explore prayer and discover how through prayer they can witness to God’s work in the world. From then, Thy Kingdom Come has become a global and ecumenical prayer movement, running from Ascension to Pentecost, which this year is between the 10th and 20th May. For further information, please see the website:

So, as a church, we have decided to join in by praying the Novena and setting up prayer stations around the church. The Novena is a pattern of daily prayer for the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost, which uses art and scripture to journey from praise and thanksgiving, to penitence and intercession, to adoration and silence. And then, from today, Thursday 10th May until Sunday 20th May, nine interactive prayer stations will also be located around the church, to help and inspire our prayer and explore different themes in our relationship with God. These stations include prayers for our world, intercessions for loved ones, giving thanks to God, praising His name, offering requests, asking forgiveness, contemplating the Way of Christ, celebrating the Light of God, and praying for peace.

All are also welcome to join us for our daily times of prayer, in either the daily office or mass. We will be holding these opportunities of prayer at the following times:
Thursday 10th May at Holy Innocents
6.30pm Evening Prayer
7.00pm Mass for the Ascension, followed by fizz and refreshments
Friday 11th May at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green
7.15am Novena
7.30am Morning Prayer
Saturday 12th May at Holy Innocents
11.00am Mass
11.30am Novena
Sunday 13th May at Holy Innocents
9.00am Novena
9.15am Morning Prayer
4.30pm Evening Prayer
5.00pm Contemplate
6.00pm Taizé at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green
Monday 14th May at Holy Innocents
9.00am Novena
9.30am Mass
5.15pm Evening Prayer
Tuesday 15th May at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green
7.00pm Novena
7.10pm Evening Prayer
7.30pm Mass
Wednesday 16th May at Holy Innocents
9.00am Novena
9.30am Mass
Thursday 17th May at Holy Innocents
9.30am Morning Prayer
6.30pm Evening Prayer
6.45pm Novena
7.00pm Mass
Friday 18th May at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green
7.15am Novena
7.30am Morning Prayer
Saturday 19th May at Holy Innocents
11.45am Novena
12.00pm Mass
Sunday 20th May at Holy Innocents
9.15am Morning Prayer
10.00am Parish Mass for Pentecost

Please do join us in prayer over the next nine days.

TKC 5  TKC 6        TKC 3  TKC 1

TKC 2  TKC 4

May devotion – 6th May 2018

On Sunday 6th May, there was an ecumenical service of Devotion to Mary, Mother of our Lord at 6.00pm.

The devotion included a short service in church and a procession to the shrine outside.


May 6   May 3

May 5   May 2



Thanksgiving service – 22nd April 2018

We would like to invite our Winter Night Shelter volunteers, guests and all who have supported the Shelter to a short service of Thanksgiving at 6.00pm on Sunday 22nd April 2018, which will be followed by a party at the vicarage at 6.30pm.

Please do join us – it would be wonderful to see you!

If you would like to join us for the thanksgiving service and/or party, please could you let Gemma know by email at, to enable us to cater for numbers.